How to Fix Pigmentation

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How to Fix Pigmentation

Pigmentation is quickly becoming one of the most common skin concerns. This ranges

from dark patches, sun spots on the face and hands and irregular skin tone and can all be

very ageing. Topical treatments that are specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation

have become one of the best options for treatment and complimented with a chemical skin

peel, the results can be truly amazing.

Prior to any sort of skin peel it is also ideal to prepare the skin with these creams to

maximise results and reduce any complications from the peel itself. This is particularly

important for anyone with darker skin.

At your consultation I like to find out more about your pigmentation issues to best know

how to treat it and create a tailored treatment plan for your skin. This generally includes a

good cleanser, exfoliator, oil control a d topical agents specifically designed for

pigmentation. Depending on your skin tone this protocol is used for a 2-8 week period prior

to a skin peel.

In addition to this it is extremely important to use effective broad spectrum SPF 50

everyday to prevent further pigmentation and avoiding direct sun where possible as thus

can undo all the hard work.

Have a look at The Perfect Peel page to see how this peel can lift pigmentation and

dramatically improve overall skin tone.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and find out how I can help you fix your skin pigmentation.

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