The Art of Lip Fillers

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The Art of Lip Fillers

Lips are seen by many as the most beautiful feature of the face. They provide a focal point of beauty and patients often have a clear idea of what they want before seeking treatment. Recently I have had a lot of patients asking for ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ however, it is very important to take into consideration that harmony of the patients face before starting treatment. Ultimately I want to help you reach your lip goals all whilst looking as natural as possible without a trout pout in sight!

There are a few basic rules that must be considered. The ancient Greeks are accredited with applying the ‘Golden Ratio’ which says that the lower lip should be 1.6x the size of the upper lip and the upper lip should approximately protrude 2 mm further than the lower lip. This can vary depending on your ethnic background. I personally also love a well shaped cupids bow and to provide a little bit of lift to the upper lip for a sexier but natural pout.

Having completed advanced training and masterclasses specifically for lips, this is one of my favorite areas to treat for the instant beautiful results. Some very common errors that I have seen and correct include lips with too much filler in the upper lip or not maintaining balance with the rest of the face (the dreaded trout pout), placing too much in the centre of the lips, shapeless lips, lumpy lips or simply way too much filler!

Unfortunately, there are still many injectors out there with insufficient training as they are not yet regulated so always do your research before treatment!

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