The Liquid Facelift

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The Liquid Facelift

Most patients are looking for an overall more youthful and rejuvenated appearance

without anyone detecting they have had work done. This is where the 8 point facelift,

also known as the ‘liquid facelift’ really shines, as it allows me to create this refreshed

look for patients and turn back the clock leaving others guessing how they seem to be

looking younger and more rejuventated.

The 8 point lift was created by a plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio who has

mastered 8 precise points on the face that when treated achieve this more youthful,

attractive appearance, all whilst still looking completely natural as it respects the

natural harmony of the face. For this reason it is now being taught all around the


The procedure itself takes around 45 minutes and is based around injecting 8 specific

points in the face with smaller amounts of filler to avoid the dreaded ‘pillow face’

This is still a bespoke treatment and I always tailor it to the individual as not everyone

needs all 8 points. I really like to take my time to ensure we enhance your individual

features for the most attractive result possible.

Patients love the instant results as it creates the perception of lift by volumising

specific areas on the face helping to reverse the effects of gravity. With this treatment

they report that their cheek bones are lifted, tear trough area is improved, jaw has

been redefined creating a slimmer looking face, lines from the nose to mouth area are

improved and any sagging jowls are disguised.

If you are interested in finding out how this treatment can work wonders for your face

do not hesitate to book now and arrange a consultation!

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