The Rise of Botox

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The Rise of Botox

Just like the world of beauty and fashion, the market for male aesthetic treatments has increased significantly. Between 2000-2014 alone there has been an increase of 67% of men undergoing minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Within this, there has been an increase of 337% of men undergoing botulinum toxin ( Botox) treatments!

It is very important that the practitioner understands the difference when treating male patients with botulinum toxin compared to the female face. Ideal ‘attractiveness’ in men can be related to specific features including the nose, chin, jawline and cheekbones. They have a more muscular, overhanging brow with eyes that are less open then females. Using botox, it is important that the practitioner knows how to enhance these features rather than potentially result in feminisation of the face.

Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) can also be treated using botulinum toxin, and this has become increasingly popular in my clinic among male patients. This can prevent those embarrassing moments with sweat patches under the arms at work, on the tube or for special occasions. Some men report that this treatment can keep sweating under control for up to 12 months from a single treatment!

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