So What Is Radara?

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Radara is Micro-revolution in Non-invasive Antiaging Skincare

The difference with here is most topical creams just sit on your skin and reflect light to give the illusion of improved skin where as Radara works deep within the skin.These unique patches sit over crowd feet wrinkles and are coated with tiny microscopic projections ( similar to needles) that painlessly create two thousand micro channels in the skin. This allows the HA serum to penetrate deeper and restore skin to its former glory.

Although Botox is still considered gold standard treatment for wrinkles around the eyes, some patients are looking for an effective alternative and this is where Radara can come into play. Radara uses a combination of micro channelling patches and a specially formulated serum that you apply to your skin of high purity hyaluronic acid (HA).

So does it actually work?

Tests carried out at the renowned Dermatest facility in Germany have shown there is a significant reduction in lines at wrinkles of up to 35% in just 4 weeks. The beauty of this treatment is there is no pain or downtime with just a 5 minute nightly application.

Radara for my patients has had great feedback with it fitting into your existing skincare routine easily and either used alone for lines or to make your Botox treatment last longer.

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